A SwimKam™ In Every Home Or Venue With A Swimming Pool

Whether parent, caregiver, retailer or business, everyone has a responsibility to play their part in drowning prevention.

SwimKam’s vision is to become the leading global product on every swimming pool safety equipment checklist for any unattended pool or body of water, thereby significantly reducing the risk of drownings worldwide.

With great responsibility comes great opportunity. Become a SwimKam™ distributor or reseller today.

Why become a SwimKam™ distributor

SwimKam is an innovative new anti-drowning solution that makes an outstanding addition to your pool safety portfolio, a product that offers end-user peace of mind with great margins for you.

Staying on top of the latest pool safety trends is a smart way to stay ahead of competitors by growing your reseller base.

If you don’t already offer SwimKamhow will you meet all your customers’ swimming pool needs? Without SwimKamyour swimming pool safety range is incomplete. Offering a true partnership, find out how SwimKamwill help you expand your reach.

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The SwimKam™ revolutionary all-in-one pool safety system is ideal to protect family, fur-kids and guests:

  • Cost-effective, affordable anti-drowning solution
  • Highly-portable and easy to use
  • Multiple fail-safe measures

SwimKam™ is a cost-effective, affordable anti-drowning solution

Portable, free-standing

Mobile app – multiple users*

Long-lasting rechargeable battery

No Installation required

On-board siren

Built-in illumination for night operation

3 Camera’s

Above-Ground Pool suitability

Easy to take with on holiday

Alert as many users as you choose*

Solar top-up for power interruptions

No Maintenance required

Alerts when someone enters pool

Tracks pool users 24/7

Unit weight (2,5 Kg)

In-Ground Pool suitability

* On Subscription

The SwimKam™ promise is backed by:

  • 12-month warranty
  • 3-5 year product lifespan
  • SwimKam™ is trademarked and patent pending
  • CE Approved (European standards)
  • ICASA Approved