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In this day and age, drowning should not be the third leading global cause of unintentional injury deaths and owning a swimming pool shouldn’t be a life-or-death situation.

We exist to stop drownings and save lives with our 360-degree swimming pool safety alarm system.

We are a UK-based company with a global footprint that spans America, Europe, United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, South African and extends into parts of Africa.

SwimKam™ means uncompromising quality and safety

Designed and developed by our team of highly-specialised engineers under the strictest quality and safety standards in the UK, the SwimKam system is an all-in-one revolutionary swimming pool safety invention that prevents drownings and saves lives by enabling an integrated approach to water safety. 

We are in constant pursuit of the right technological partnerships to provide an integrated safety approach to stop death and disabilities by pool drownings.

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