Eyes On Your Swimming Pool, 24/7 With SwimKam™

The fact that there are still drownings with other swimming pool safety options in place says it all: one safety measure simply isn’t enough for an unattended body of water.

Take an integrated approach to swimming pool safety through the 1-2-3 of layering protective measures.

Safeguard your family, guests and pets. Reduce the risk of drowning, death and disability with an intelligent pool safety system for:

Always-on visual reassurance: A 360-degree view of your pool area at all times through our 3 cameras, all accessible via the mobile app.

Instant notification to multiple users: Push notification of any potential incidents with visuals are automatically issued to pre-selected contacts, parents and caregivers.

A voice to call for help: An on-board siren alerts nearby caregivers of the event, while the app provides one-touch access request to emergency services in your time of need.

How does SwimKam™ give you eyes on your unattended pool?

Designed and developed by highly-specialised engineers under the strictest quality and safety standards in the UK, SwimKam is an all-in-one revolutionary safety invention that significantly reduces drownings and saves lives by enabling an integrated approach to water and swimming pool safety.

Motion detection triggers activate three cameras in the event of an unexpected pool entry incident.

The SwimKam™ device transmits visual data from cameras over Wi-Fi to mobile devices via an app. You can add multiple users, as well as emergency services contacts.

An audible siren and beacon on the device is triggered while the app delivers instant push notifications to linked smartphones so that the necessary actions can be taken. 

  • The SwimKam™ pool safety unit should only be active only if the pool is unoccupied and unattended.
  • The pool safety device must be temporarily removed and deactivated when the pool is in use – the unit is small enough to do so, easily.

Alert Today, Alive Tomorrow.

The SwimKam™ Difference

  • It can be used effectively in waters of different clarity
  • It is easy to set up, no pool changes or permanent fixture required
  • It works with a multi-user smartphone app
  • It is portable and maintenance-free
  • It has an on-board siren with rechargeable battery (+/- 3 months between charges)
  • It uses the highest-quality lithium battery for dependability
  • It has a built-in solar array to cater for daytime power interruptions and battery backups
  • It is capable of night operation with built-in illumination

Want to purchase your own SwimKam™ swimming pool water safety monitoring system?

To make it easy for you to get your hands on a SwimKamanti-drowning unit, we’ve partnered with South Africa’s leading online retailers and pool product outlets, known for their superior service and quick, convenient delivery options.

Got a query about SwimKam™? We’re happy to answer any questions and provide further detail on our child safety anti-drowning system.